sharing (Italian) food to enjoy life

How I tarnished the classic

Posted by Jim Carfrae on October 21, 2009

The classicProsciutto  is probably served most often with melon. I have done so many times, usually wrapping melon balls or cubes in prosciutto and securing with a toothpick. And so far to almost universal acclaim.

Recently I had the classic Italian perspective explained to me, and – surprise, surprise – it makes sense.  After spending close to a year carefully dry curing the prosciutto, it becomes like a sponge if there is any moisture around.  Melon is mostly water.  When I wrapped the prosciutto around the melon, I eliminated months of dry curing.

Last time out I created an elegantly draped pile of prosciutto with cantelope and figs around the outside – no touching.  I suggested people alternate bites, I do think the smiles were a little bigger.


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