sharing (Italian) food to enjoy life

Italy, one of my best, but not always the best

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 2, 2009

Just before I left for Italy I was pondering the best food experiences of my life, it seemed appropriate as I hoped to have some new ones.  I still recall a plate of gnochi, with my wife, in a non-descript restaurant halfway up the hill in Positano.  We were in heaven, it was so light and delicate with tomato sauce that forgot about more flavour than North America had ever seen.  While already relaxed the quality and unexpectedness of the meal was the start of one of our favourite days.

This week traveling through Italy at breakneck speed on business I thought every meal would be the highlight of the day.  Alas, it has been hit and miss.  A couple great meals, with great company – tried and loved truffles for the first time. A couple meals that could have been served in Omaha, Nebraska – not that I have been there, but do imagine.  One treat has been the Coppa, served before a couple meals for free – it was better than the meal.  Coppa is similar to prosciutto, only made from the butt or front shoulder.  It is a little fattier and all flavour.  When you get the chance, please give it a try.


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