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Cooking with my kids

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 13, 2009

I am blessed with two girls that have a great, although inconsistent, love for cooking.  I still remember my then nine year old daughter telling me to stay on my side of the kitchen while she pan-fried our new shrimp and scallop cake recipe.  She had just spent an hour with me prepping, and had certainly earned the right to finish things off.  Of course she did fine, despite my nervousness, and managed to steal my glory. (My wife often tells me I am only a glory chef, “you cook only when there are people to praise the result”.  Of course I answer they are also there to criticize, something I deserve often enough.)

pros on baguetteMy youngest daughter and I decided to share a mini-grilled prosciutto Panini recipe last Christmas day.  Two things happened.  We didn’t make nearly enough and my daughter developed a Saturday ritual that goes something like “Dad, can you please pick me up some prosciutto?  … and some bocconcini cheese, fresh basil and a baguette”.  At least sometimes she makes a few for me.  We have an open kitchen, I love making these while people are crowded around – cooking, eating, drinking, talking all at the same time.  Here how my daughter does it:

  • Slice the baguette, fill with: prosciutto loosely folded on itself, thinly sliced fresh bocconcini, washed fresh basil.
  • She uses mayonnaise instead of butter on the outside, I can’t remember why.
  • Fry at a high heat for a short time.  You want the bread crispy, but the prosciutto and bocconcini only warmed.
  • Enjoy
  • My friend Joseph prefers with arugula instead of basil and open-faced without the grilling and a drizzle of olive oil

This was originally developed by a professional chef at work.  There is actually a short video that shows him making it at http://www.grangustoitaliano.com/en/recipes.asp?recipe=1&video=3


2 Responses to “Cooking with my kids”

  1. Scott said

    Great story and idea!

  2. […] Mini-Milano grilled sandwiches – my daughter’s favourite and she will make them. (see https://jimmyprosciutto.wordpress.com/2009/11/13/cooking-with-my-kids/) […]

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