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The Andrea Bargnani influence?

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 19, 2009

My daughter has an away basketball tournament this weekend, that means the parents are looking for an upgrade on pizza and have asked me for a reprise on the last tournament: mortadella and capocollo panini; prosciutto wrapped breadsticks; and hot and mild cacciatore.  Last time I expected the kids to focus on the sandwiches and leave the prosciutto and cacciatore for the parents, boy was I wrong!  It could be the Italian influence of Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors, but I think kids today have been exposed to many more foods and appreciate a more sophisticated taste at a younger age.

I am happy to put the spread on because it really is very easy. There might be a couple things on the planet that taste better than cacciatore, but not with so little prep time.  When time is of the essence, all you need is a mild and a hot cacciatore.  Slice on a diagonal, lay out artistically and you are done.  Honestly, people will tell you these are amazing.  I like to slice the hot a little thinner to so I can get people to try it.  I read the other day that chili peppers are the fastest growing spice in the world; people are eating more spicy things and spicier things.

With just a little more time I go with prosciutto wrapped around a bread stick. Cut a slice in half lengthwise and wrap down half the breadstick.  My personal favourite is mortadella on the breadstick, but last time I learned it can only be done just before serving or the breadstick goes soggy.  Sometimes I drape the mortadella, put the breadsticks in a glass and let people wrap their own.

For Panini I prefer the Italian way, bread and deli meat; nothing else to dilute the taste.


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