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Auberge du Pommier, Cape Breton Island, and Bridge (the game, really)

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 30, 2009

My friends have organized a bridge night as an excuse for eight of us to get together once a month and eat, drink and play. We are learning to play, we already know how to eat and enjoy.  Last Friday we started with an absolutely amazing mushroom truffle soup, courtesy of Auberge du Pommier. 

As far as I captured it, the story goes like this.  Jay, the chef of Auberge, was one of the sous chef’s for Queen Elizabeth and learned this recipe.  He has since improved it, now making it one of the signature dishes at Auberge. Jay is my friend Ron’s cousin who requested the recipe after they tasted it at the restaurant last week. Darcy, Ron’s wife cooked it and the rest of us ate it.  It was spectacular, and she reports it is even better at the restaurant, I will re-visit Auberge to find out.  On a side note, Darcy did not have the blender lid on tightly and the soup is challenging to clean off of walls, carpet, floor, counter …


Our hosts are from Cape Breton Island, perhaps not renowned as the culinary capital of the world, using a cookbook from home, cooked a fancy stuffed chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto.  While I have posted that the Italian way is not to cook the prosciutto, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good, this was excellent and fully enjoyed by all.

As to the bridge, it was after the food, I suspect that is why it was enjoyed as well.


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