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Nadia and Rita’s Throwdown

Posted by Jim Carfrae on December 16, 2009

Bobby Flay be careful, the challenge has been laid down for simple Italian appetizers in our office. During a, dare I say, idle conversation in the hall, a few of us at work came up with the idea of an appetizer competition.  Well actually Rita came up with the idea and Nadia and I thought it would be fun.  Amazing what some competitive juices can create, and we think the tasting and judging of each other will generate even more than the usual lunch laughter.

It started with my failed attempt with a bread-maker.  They are idiot proof, yes it did look like bread, but my family let me know how good it tasted, one piece each, the rest went moldy.  I’m thinking of just using the mix function and then cooking more as a baguette with some interesting things inside, yes I’ll try prosciutto to start.

I guess it will start in January, I promise to share the idea and the laughter.


One Response to “Nadia and Rita’s Throwdown”

  1. RITA said

    Nadia: Look out baby, you’re going down!!!!!!!!!!

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