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(Pro-shu-toe), How to Order

Posted by Jim Carfrae on December 18, 2009

We did a little survey, it turns out 67% of Canadians can’t spell prosciutto; and good luck finding the best prosciutto blog on the web when you are looking for jimmy “proscooter”.

I don’t know how many people can’t say it, I think this actually holds some back from ordering at the deli service case. If that’s you, order with confidence:  “14 slices of ‘pro-shu-toe’ sliced as thin as you can”. A few guidelines:

  • Usually the server will hold up the slice to show you how thin it is. The key measure is the drape or limpness of the slice; it should hang in all directions.
  • The setting depends on the slicer; you want the lowest setting it will go to with the slice staying intact.
  • The end of the ham gets smaller, this is okay if you are using for a sandwich, but not if you are using in an appetizer.  Don’t be shy to ask for a large slice if that is what you need.
  • Most delis will lay the slices flat and beside each other. Once the layer is full, they will put on a layer of cellophane and continue with the next layer. When I was in Italy they sometimes draped the slice in almost a flower, several beside each other and the same layer of cellophane after the layer was complete.

I like to have a pre-sliced package in the fridge, unopened for emergencies, the rest of the time I order from the service case so I can get the exact thickness, actually the thinness I prefer. Check out this quick video to realize how much the average person knows about prosciutto, and for a smile:



2 Responses to “(Pro-shu-toe), How to Order”

  1. Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to order. How long does the prosciutto keep in the frige? What is the best method of storing-a ziplock or air tight container?

    • jimmyprosciutto said

      Put in a ziplock bag and squeeze out the air, consume within 7 days; although it is probably okay a day or two longer. It is less likely to be a food safety issue, but any exposure to oxygen will lessen the taste.

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