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Little addition – Big change

Posted by Jim Carfrae on January 14, 2010

My daughter is neutral to negative on green peas. I am told that peas are not the favorite green vegetable. My family was exposed to mixing in some cacciatore to the peas, (and onions, but we’ll get to that), now they are a solid positive for both my kids.

It is said there are four tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitterness. There is also a fifth taste first recognized in Japan called umami, which could be described as meatiness or perhaps savoriness. Feel free to wiki for a whole lot more technical description. 

Umami is the answer here, adding some chopped cacciatore to the peas in a sauté pan for a couple minutes completely changes the flavour profile, even for a negative taste preference. My nephew is quite negative on most green vegetables, with peas at the bottom of their list. I persuaded him to try the peas with cacciatore during our Christmas meal and he quite liked them. I will admit he then asked if there was some extra cacciatore he could take home.

Chop the cacciatore and onion about the same size as the peas, (I make a bit smaller since the flavours are stronger), sauté for a couple minutes, add frozen peas until warm – serve. Here is a link to see the pro version: http://www.grangustoitaliano.com/en/recipes.asp?recipe=1&video=4 and click the play icon. (My kids always ask for the onion to be left out, tragically we usually do.)


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