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Cooking with Prosciutto

Posted by Jim Carfrae on January 21, 2010

As most people know prosciutto is a ham that has been dried and aged for 10 months, longer larger hams. The ham is never cooked which gives the delicate texture and taste. Cooking prosciutto can taste good, but does take away that texture and taste. Adding the prosciutto to a recipe at the very end lets it keep its true nature and add to many recipes.

Sunday morning I sliced up some prosciutto and added it to my omelet just before the fold-over. I left it on the pan for about 30 seconds more and then served it.  The prosciutto was warm, not cooked and made for an amazing taste. You can do the same thing for pasta with a white or oil based sauce; stir the prosciutto into the pasta and sauce just before serving for the same great taste.


2 Responses to “Cooking with Prosciutto”

  1. Diane Harding said

    Looks good. Do you think I could get John to eat peas?

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