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The Wisdom of an 8 year old

Posted by Jim Carfrae on May 26, 2010

May long weekend and entertaining for our friends with two people who can’t eat wheat, (celiac). My thought went to a potato salad recipe that was developed for my company using our new Cube-etti pancetta cubes by Chef Leo at Humber College. When Leo served it, I couldn’t stop eating until it was gone. I shared it with my friend Bruna, and she also had great results. You see where this is going; I didn’t do as well.

Here is my photo, you can see the “chef’s photo” and the actual recipe, at this link: Potato and Bean Salad. I wanted to make the dish in advance, even though the warm topping is part of the magic – I think this was the source of my problems: the beans wilted and the balsamic dressing absorbed into the potatoes, making the potatoes bland. Oh, and I forgot the chives, even though we had some in the garden. And my potatoes were too big. And I missed the maple syrup in the dressing.

The wisdom of eight year old Tara really said it all, “Jimmy I don’t know about these potatoes, but I sure like the little cubes of pan, pan, pancetta. Would it be okay if I picked a few more of those out and just ate them?”

We have had samples in out fridge, (for short whiles), over the development of this product;  however my 15 years daughter  has taken to omelets to the next level, eating one whenever there is pancetta in the fridge. It is one of the fastest-growing products my company sells.

As an aside, the Cube-etti Pancetta are cubes of dry cured pork bellies – the same meat used to make bacon, but done in a very different way – giving a much more intense taste. (Previous blog on this if you are interested:  A rare mistake from my favourite cooking magazine.) Cube-etti are just starting to be shipped, so you may not find it in a store for a couple weeks.


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