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The Actual Prosciutto and Blueberry Pizza Experience

Posted by Jim Carfrae on September 7, 2010

So I served the Prosciutto and Blueberry Pizza as an appetizer to guests last weekend. Overall it was very well received and I’ll serve again, with a few corrections.

My first advice is to read the recipe over, something I rarely do and usually at my peril. The recipe is at:


I failed to notice the recipe calls for blueberry jam, so I needed to put the pizza back in the oven to get the blueberries warm and soft. I think a simple adjustment of putting the blueberries at the start would be fine.

I absolutely support putting the prosciutto on after the pizza is cooked. This way the prosciutto is just slightly warmed, so you get the full prosciutto taste and texture.

The only other changes I made were: to use a thick balsamic glaze, versus the runnier balsamic vinegar; and I didn’t put the gorgonzola over the entire pizza to appease the true boss in by house.

As an aside, I spread gorgonzola on a baguette and ate with the balsamic glaze. This is a great starter, just need to remember to take the gorgonzola out so it is room temperature and the full flavour is realized.

(I had the opportunity of visiting the Igor gorgonzola factory in Italy last year. They are the largest producer of the cheese in the world, and their facility is off-the-scale first class. I buy the pre-packed wedge which I find at most grocery stores.)


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