sharing (Italian) food to enjoy life

Posted by Jim Carfrae on September 8, 2010

I love sharing and talking about a new idea or recipe. Tonia and Joseph are my favorites because no matter how great your idea is, they give you another idea or a variation to think about.

I was showing Joseph my Prosciutto and Blueberry Pizza photo when he came up with the great idea to replace the blueberries with fresh figs. If they are fully ripe we think to slice them thinly and put on with the prosciutto after the pizza is cooked. If not quite ripe, put them in a bit earlier to soften them up.

My brother-in-law dropped in last night so I took the last of a baguette and covered with gorgonzola and balsamic glaze for him. He heads to Italy in a week and is trying to figure how to bring home the ingredients – he lives in Norway. I am pretty sure this is against all slow food rules, but all cheese, especially gorgonzola, needs to be at room temperature to fully appreciate – I put the gorgonzola in the microwave for 20 seconds which softened it up nicely.


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