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A great meal at Romagna Mia, with another one coming

Posted by Jim Carfrae on September 24, 2010

We had a team supper out last night. I have had a good meal there before, but last night was amazing for all, especially the calamari and risotto. And the wine, a beautiful Brunello.

Chef Gabriele Paganelli is famous in Toronto, and you might have seen him on TV, for his risotto in a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. After the risotto is ready he dumps it into a partially hollowed out wheel and stirs in the cheese that melts into the risotto.

We have a new promotion that starts Monday where the prize is the “ladies lunch experience”. 10 people with two friends each go to the shooting of a Cityline show. After the show they will take a limousine to Romagna Mia for an awesome lunch and cooking lesson using our new Cube-etti Prosciutto Pieces. We will definitely have the risotto on the menu. Here is the link if you are interested:



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Why always the kitchen party?

Posted by Jim Carfrae on January 7, 2010

A few of us were in a kitchen on New Year’s Eve when someone asked why we always seem to end up there.  Trust Duncan and Natasha, the Maritimers, to have some great insight.  It has long been said that the kitchen party was invented in the Maritimes invented, but the truth is it was the only room in the house other than the bedroom.  Their thoughts:

  • The kitchen is often the biggest room in the house, it certainly was in past days
  • It was the warmest room in the house, sometimes the only warm room in the freezing winter.
  • It is closest to the food
  • It is closest to the drinks
  • And even when there are other large, warm and well stocked rooms; the kitchen has an informality that makes sharing more fun.

I have no idea whether the kitchen party is the norm around the world, but think it is likely the place where friends everywhere are most comfortable.

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A few rules to enjoy travel in Italy

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 6, 2009

low res parmaI’m sure no expert, but nine cities in 10 days over 1700 kilometers does teach you a few things:

  1. Beware the GPS, you can easily lose signal.
  2. Eat the food of the region you are in, match with the wine of the region.
  3. For a better espresso, choose bars over restaurants.
  4. Don’t ask hotels for restaurant recommendations.
  5. Try new things, some taste good – chicken livers and culatello; and some don’t – the paste after the first pressing of olives.
  6. If you can pull it off, travel with someone who speaks Italian, you will learn more.
  7. Pre-plan your wrinkle strategy, there are no irons in the rooms
  8. Beware the GPS, sometime it claims you are driving though a field.

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