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A little Italian – the inside out mortadella sandwich

Posted by Jim Carfrae on January 16, 2012

Awhile ago we shared an appetizer, “prosciutto sushi”. It became the inspiration for mortadella rolls, where the mortadella is wrapped around the toasted bread. It is definitely not classically Italian, and still tastes great.

I’m guessing I need to get a sushi mat or something, because mine were falling apart. Everybody did like them – once they got it in their mouths.


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A little Italian – the mortadella sandwich, do they know something?

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 16, 2011

We did some video earlier this year, and so I asked the obvious question, “What is your favourite deli meat?”  This video is just 50 seconds long, and yet beautifully captures the essence and passion Italians have for their food:

I had the wonderful opportunity to share Italian deli meats with the Canadian Living test kitchen a couple years back. These people know food, and were still a little nervous when we finished with a mortadella panino. Amazingly most of them had never tried it. I was so grateful to Editor Susan Antonacci who spoke right up, “I’ll have one of those”, everyone joined in to surprised delight.

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A little Italian – the mortadella sandwich

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 11, 2011

Mortadella is the classic everyday food for Italians. Rarely is there more than thinly sliced mortadella on a fresh Panino. The premium cuts of meat and spices are slow cooked in clay ovens. The sweet, buttery taste comes with the most beautiful aroma. If you’ve never … you are invited to give it a try.

We provided mortadella Panini as part of a school fundraiser; some of the kids were good enough to talk about it. It was really fun to share something that was new for many of the students.

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The Final Basketball Tournament

Posted by Jim Carfrae on May 6, 2010

No I don’t mean the Raptors! We were in beautiful Sudbury for the Ontario Basketball Association U15 Girls tournament, and yes we visited the giant nickel. It didn’t go as well as hoped, so there was no need to hold back on Saturday night. When you work for an Italian deli company there is an expectation …

I conscripted a younger brother to wrap prosciutto around bread sticks and laid out Mortadella, Capocollo and Prosciutto Cotto with some fresh buns. I claimed we would not run out, but the prosciutto was gone before most people arrived. In the end there were a few scraps of deli meat left; lots of pizza, buns and chips were left.

I love the magic of customizing one’s own sandwich, and the conversation people have while putting one together, in the nicest tone “can I just reach over a grab a piece of that …”.

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The Andrea Bargnani influence?

Posted by Jim Carfrae on November 19, 2009

My daughter has an away basketball tournament this weekend, that means the parents are looking for an upgrade on pizza and have asked me for a reprise on the last tournament: mortadella and capocollo panini; prosciutto wrapped breadsticks; and hot and mild cacciatore.  Last time I expected the kids to focus on the sandwiches and leave the prosciutto and cacciatore for the parents, boy was I wrong!  It could be the Italian influence of Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors, but I think kids today have been exposed to many more foods and appreciate a more sophisticated taste at a younger age.

I am happy to put the spread on because it really is very easy. There might be a couple things on the planet that taste better than cacciatore, but not with so little prep time.  When time is of the essence, all you need is a mild and a hot cacciatore.  Slice on a diagonal, lay out artistically and you are done.  Honestly, people will tell you these are amazing.  I like to slice the hot a little thinner to so I can get people to try it.  I read the other day that chili peppers are the fastest growing spice in the world; people are eating more spicy things and spicier things.

With just a little more time I go with prosciutto wrapped around a bread stick. Cut a slice in half lengthwise and wrap down half the breadstick.  My personal favourite is mortadella on the breadstick, but last time I learned it can only be done just before serving or the breadstick goes soggy.  Sometimes I drape the mortadella, put the breadsticks in a glass and let people wrap their own.

For Panini I prefer the Italian way, bread and deli meat; nothing else to dilute the taste.

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